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E-turf is internationality most trusted and pioneer brand in Artificial Grass industry and is brought to you in India by EVERGREEN BAMBOO INDIA PVT.LTD. E-turf is the most premium quality artificial grass for the most rough and tough use, easy to install and as it is made out of High quality synthetic fibers-yarn, it can resist aggressive usage ...

Artificial Grass, Synthetic Lawns & Artificial Sports Grass

Evergreen Bamboo India Pvt. Ltd. - Importer and Distributor of Artificial & Synthetic Grass India, We Provide Wide Range of Artificial & Synthetic Grass, Like: E-turf Artificial Grass, Lawns Artificial & Synthetic Grass, Hotels Artificial Grass , Offices & Residential Artificial Grass, Synthetic Grass Turfs, Artificial Grass India, India Synthetic Turf, Artificial Turf, Garden Artificial Grass in New Delhi India, Artificial Grass Importers, Artificial Grass Distributors, New Delhi

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Services One

Assess the lawn that needs replacing, check levels of beds, fences, containing walls as you may need to excavate or build up the area.The lawn can be removed by either a mechanical turf cutter or by hand with shovels. The area needs to be cleared to a two inch depth.

Services Two

A 2 x 2 tanalised timber frame should be staked and secured with screws.The membrane should be placed over the top of the soil to prevent any weeds growing up through the sharp sand.

Services Three

Sharp sand should then be applied to the area and levelled out over the area to a 2 inch depth. The sharp sand can then be wacker plated in to prevent settlement.The area should be screeded level and neatly finished around the edges.

Services Four

The basework is now complete and is ready for the installation of the turf.Roll out the turf and mark the latex where it needs to be cut to the top of the timber.

Services Five

Fold the latex back over and carefully cut along the marked line using a sharp bladed knife. Fold the turf back over to give you a neatly finished edge. If a joint is not required go straight to Step 10

Services Six

If a joint is required lay the two pieces of turf out on the area so they are ready to be butted up next to each other. Carefully cut along the rib at the back of the turf, as close as you can get to the rib without cutting into it, repeat this procedure for the other piece of turf. This can be done using a sharp bladed knife.

Services Seven

Fold back both pieces of turf, lay the adhesive strip along the whole length of the joint, rough side up. Evenly apply the Aquabond adhesive to the tape and spread out using a trowel. It is advisable to wear gloves when completing this. Fold the turf back over onto the tape making sure that the ribs don't overlap each other or the gap in between them isn't any wider than 50mm.

Services Eight

Once the carpet has been completely cut into shape using the technique shown in Step 7 the carpet should then be screwed to the top of the timber at 300mm intervals using 25mm self tapper screws. Neatly trim off any excess with scissors if required.The joint is then rolled in to make sure the latex backing is in full contact with the adhesive.

Services Nine

If using a sand in-fill product evenly spread kiln dried sand over the area at a rate of approximately 10kg per square metre and brush the sand into the turf with a stiff brush.


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“It's been 8 months since Better Than.... installed our new lawn. Looked great on the day it was installed and it looks great now. About 1,000 square feet with many curved borders. No more routine maintenance. My water bill is now less than half of bef”

Laxman Modi
Laxman Modi


“I've always wanted an outdoor putting green at my home and the dream has finally come true. Initially, I contemplated building it myself, investigating the costs, procedures, etc. My building contractor told me how easy it was to do it and I thought about this a lot before making my decision. However, transporting 3 tons of decomposed granite into position would have been a challenge.”

Kamna Mohan
Kamna Mohan



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